“Nordplus” project for adults



NGO “Ritineitis” is taking part in a project to develop adult learning material on basic computer skills and web browsing. The training material is aimed at those who have never used a computer and the Internet or who have thought about trying it.

This material can be used freely, without any restrictions in adult learning or any other educational purposes. It can be downloaded in Latvian, English, Lithuanian, Finnish on the website ritineitis.lv in PDF format.

Download link and links to related online tests can be found at the end of this article.

Reference to the Nordplus program is required.

Also project information and download links are freely distributable. We would be grateful for a brief e-mail message on the use of the material. E-mail for suggestions and questions: guntis@azote.lv.

This material has been developed with the support of the Nordplus Program.

Nordplus is a programme set up by the Nordic Council of Ministers, whose projects aim to strengthen cooperation between the Nordic and Baltic countries by improving and innovating education systems in the participating countries. Nordplus supports projects that promote knowledge, exchange, and networking.

Project number: NPAD-2021/10134 “Don’t be afraid to computer”.

Project implemented by:

NGO “Ritineitis”, Balvi, Latvia. NGO “Ritineitis” has been implementing various public projects for a long time, including adult training. Contact email: ritineitis@gmail.com

“Pakruojo suaugusiuju ir jaunimo svietimo centras” (Pakruojis Adult and Youth Education Centre), Lithuania. The Centre is a unique and progressive educational institution providing quality educational and pedagogical psychological support services enriched with a personal relationship with the client, maintaining sustainable community relations and the idea of lifelong learning. E-mail for contact: pakrsjc@gmail.com

“West Finland College” (Länsi-Suomen Opisto – West Finland College), Finland. The College is an independent folk university for adults located in Huittinen (Finland). Our mission is to offer study programs for advanced and further education in the humanities with an emphasis on internationality. Contact email: opisto@lansisuomenopisto.fi

E-mail for suggestions, and questions: guntis@azote.lv

Online knowledge test 1 (opens in new browser tab)

Online knowledge test 2 (opens in new browser tab)

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